Of celebration of the Day of Montana – Saint Spirit’ Day 2017

June 3, 2017 (Saturday)
till 4,00 pm       Arival of folk groups in Hotel “Zhitomir” - Montana
10,00 am           Participation of the group from Czech Republic and Croatia in Festival in Varshets (spa resort near by Montana)
7,00 pm           Youths Festival “Diana” (hip-hop, brake dance, rap, graffiti)
7,30 pm           Participation of the Children’s Folk Dance Ensemble “Břeclavánek” from  Břeclav, Czech Republic in the vilage of Borovtsi
7,30 pm           Participation of Folk Ensemble “Pasin” from Croatia in the village of Blagovo

June 4, 2017 (Sunday)
10.00 am.      Opening ceremony of the Alley of Arts and Crafts and the festival of  traditional local crafts and cuisine "Thyme", organized by the Association "Bulgarian Northwest"
                        Sq. "Zheravitsa"
10.30 am.      Outdoor Equestrian Tournament
                        Course of the dam. "Augusta"
11.00 am.       International Dog Show "Holy Spirit"
                        "Montanensium" Park
3.00 pm         Working meeting of art managers, orchestra’s leaders, guides, sound engineer  and organizers for specifying the details of the program of the festival.   
                        Conference Hall of the Municipal Youth Home
3.30 pm         Sound check for orchestras and short rehearsal for groups at the stage 
5.00 pm.        Reception by the Mayor of Municipality of Montana - for all of members of the  groups. 
                        Grand Hall of the Municipal Youth Home
7,30 pm.        Opening of the 12th International Folklore Festival - Montana '2017 with participation of groups from Croatia, Czech Republic Republic Saha (Yakutia) – Russian Federation, Ukraine (each group performs 20 min.)
                        Square "Zheravitsa"

June5, 2017 (Monday)
8.30 a.m.         Divine Holy Mass
                        "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" Church
10.00 am.       Alley Arts and Crafts
                        Sq. "Zheravitsa"
10.00 am.       Procession
                         from "St.. St. Cyril and Methodius "Square" Zheravitsa "
10.15 am.        Solemn ceremony
10.30 am.       "Celebration in Montana" - a concert of dance groups from from all of 4 groups participating in the International Folklore Festival - Montana 2017. (each group performs 10 min.)
                        Square "Zheravitsa"
11.30 am.       Solemn Session of the City Council - Montana
                        Municipal youth home
7.00 pm.       Folk concert of groups from Montana
8.30 pm.       Concert the pop star MIRO
                       Sq. "Zheravitsa"
9.30 pm.       Concert of the brass band VIVO - Montana
10.00 pm.     Fireworks

June 6, 2016 (Tuesday)
8,30 am        Departure to guided tour in the region for groups from Yakutia and Ukraine
After the breakfast – visit of the Ancient fortress, Lapidarium, Orthodox Church, Art Gallery, Local museum for groups from Croatia and Czech Republic – optional
Swimming pool – optional
7.30 pm.        Folk concert of Folk dance ensemble "Ethnos" and folk dance ensemble of the Folk Association “Pazin” from Pazin, Croatia
8,30 pm        Folk concert of dance ensemble "Mladost" – Montana, and Children’s Folk Dance Ensemble “Břeclavánek” from Břeclav, Czech Republic (each group performs 30 min.)
                       Sq. "Zheravitsa"
7.30 pm.        Participation of  Ensemble “Sergecheen” from Yakutsk, Republic Saha – Russian Federation, and Dance Centre “Avante” from Zhitomir – Ukraine  in the neighboring town or village
June 7, 2016
8,30 am          Guided tour in the region for the group from Croatia 
Visit of the Ancient fortress, Lapidarium, Orthodox Church, Art Gallery, Local museum for Yakutia and Ukraine  – optional
Swimming pool  – optional
7.30 pm.         Folk concert dance ensemble "Pastrina" - Montana and and the group from Yakutia
8.30 pm         Folk concert of dance ensemble "Severnyatsi" and the group from Ukraine
                        Sq. "Zheravitsa"
 7.30 pm.        Participation of the group from Croatia the neighbouring town 
10.00 pm.      Farewell party for all groups 

June 8, 2017
After breakfast - departure of the groups


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